West Monroe mourns the loss of esteemed pastor John Skipworth

Community grapples with the unexpected death of beloved pastor

The West Monroe community in Louisiana has been enveloped in mourning following the tragic death of John Skipworth, the highly esteemed executive pastor of The Assembly. His sudden passing, the result of suicide, has sent ripples of grief through the congregation he so passionately served.

John Skipworth, a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, laid down deep roots in Monroe, becoming a beacon of faith and guidance for the local community. His academic pursuits culminated in a degree from Global University, marking the commencement of a journey characterized by spiritual awakening and societal contribution.

The breadth of Skipworth’s influence was evident in his varied roles prior to becoming the executive pastor at The Assembly. Not only did he shepherd flocks at Oaks Church and Rochester Assembly as the lead pastor, but he also thrived in the secular sphere as an Operating Partner. His acumen spanned entrepreneurship, sales, investments, and real estate, reflecting a man of diverse talents and interests.

Skipworth’s personal narrative took a remarkable turn in 2003, when he found himself ensnared in a life of drugs and violence, culminating in a life sentence in prison. It was within the confines of a cell that Skipworth experienced a profound spiritual metamorphosis. His plea for divine intervention marked the beginning of a new chapter. His time in incarceration, which lasted seven years, was marked by his commitment to minister to other inmates and pursue a path of spiritual enlightenment.

His early release from prison was a pivotal moment, leading to a fervent dedication to church ministry and the sharing of his extraordinary experiences of second chances and divine mercy. Skipworth’s life story, which epitomized the capacity for personal transformation through faith, became a source of hope and inspiration for many.

In his capacity as executive pastor, Skipworth was instrumental in shepherding the spiritual development of The Assembly’s members. His influence was palpable in the positive change and growth experienced by those under his pastoral care.

His passing leaves a void in the lives of his wife, Brooke, their two daughters, and the wider church community. There has been an outpouring of support, affection, and prayers for the Skipworth family as they navigate this period of profound loss.

The nature of Skipworth’s death has brought to light the complex struggles faced even by those who are perceived as pillars of strength and spiritual guidance. It highlights the critical need for empathy, dialogue, and proactive approaches to mental health within religious and spiritual circles. Skipworth’s legacy is a poignant reminder of the human capacity for redemption and the importance of support networks in times of personal crisis.

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