Voice actors Alejandro Saab and Hayden Daviau tie the knot

Saab and Daviau: A harmonious blend of love and voice acting

The personal life of Alejandro Saab, a distinguished voice actor known for breathing life into numerous anime and video game characters, has become a captivating topic for his admirers. As his prominence grows, so does the curiosity surrounding his familial and romantic relationships.

Alejandro Saab, recognized for his engaging voice-over work, shares his life with fellow voice actor Hayden Daviau. The pair, who hold dual Canadian-American nationality, both contribute their vocal talents to FUNimation Entertainment/Crunchyroll. Their engagement was joyously announced in July 2021, culminating in a marriage on August 12, 2022.

The union between Saab and Daviau is not just a romantic one; it is also a professional partnership. Daviau’s notable voice roles include Priestess in “Goblin Slayer,” Rina Tennoji in “Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club,” and Kyanna Delrio in “HuniePop.” Beyond voice acting, Daviau is accomplished in directing and editing, having worked on projects like “Percy Jackson: The Audio Drama.” They identify as non-binary and prefer they/them pronouns.

Their relationship blossomed from a shared enthusiasm for anime and voice acting, leading to numerous collaborative works. The couple frequently expresses their affection for each other through social media, creating a supportive fan base that cherishes their bond.

When it comes to expanding their family, Saab and Daviau have not yet introduced any children into their lives as of January 2024. Despite this, they have openly discussed their intentions to have children in the future, with Saab expressing this sentiment in a 2023 interview with Anime News Network. He quipped about naming a future child after anime characters, illustrating their light-hearted approach to family life. The couple has expressed a desire to achieve certain career goals before embracing parenthood, showing a prudent and deliberate approach to their life planning.

Delving into Saab’s family background, he was born on November 15, 1994, in Canada and later moved to the United States, growing up in Texas. His brother, Daniel Saab, shares a similar career path as a voice actor and YouTube content creator. With roots in Colombia and Venezuela, Saab’s Hispanic heritage is a significant aspect of his identity. Fluent in Spanish and English, he integrates both languages into his work and celebrates his cultural diversity.

Saab’s family has been a pillar of support in his pursuit of voice acting, a passion that was evident since his high school years. His parents have been instrumental in his success, providing both moral support and practical assistance, from purchasing equipment to facilitating auditions. Saab’s gratitude towards his family is profound, as he acknowledges them as his staunchest supporters and credits them for their unwavering belief in his talents.

In summary, the life of Alejandro Saab is a tapestry woven with professional success, a loving partnership with Hayden Daviau, and the strong familial bonds that have supported his journey. His fans remain intrigued by his personal developments, and the voice actor continues to share glimpses of his life, both in and out of the recording booth.

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