Outdoor enthusiast Tara Gluski tragically killed in car accident

Community mourns loss of beloved outdoorswoman Tara Gluski

The untimely demise of Tara Gluski in a tragic vehicular accident near Van Riper Park has sent shockwaves through her local community and beyond. Tara Gluski, widely recognised for her substantial contributions to the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) Programme Committee, has left behind a legacy marked by her passion for the natural world and her commitment to fostering a love for outdoor activities.

The loss of such an influential figure has cast a shadow over Marquette, Michigan, where Tara was a familiar face and an integral part of the community for five decades. Her extensive roles ranged from Regional Manager and Venue Manager to Chairperson and Adventure Coordinator within the Upper Peninsula. Tara’s unfortunate passing occurred following a collision that prompted the closure of a section of the US-41 highway in the Michigamme area.

Her involvement with the BOW Programme Committee is a testament to Tara’s dedication and enthusiasm for educating and motivating individuals, particularly women, to engage with nature. Throughout her years of service, Tara’s expertise in outdoor survival, winter shelter construction, hiking, backpacking, and other skills was shared with countless people, leaving an indelible imprint on those she mentored.

Her zeal for the outdoors was not only evident in her teaching but also in her role as a positive influence within the local and wider community. Tara’s impact was further solidified through her leadership, as evidenced by her tenure as President of the Marquette Community Board of Directors. In this capacity, she exemplified her commitment to community service and her ability to extend her influence beyond her direct responsibilities.

Tara Gluski’s contributions to outdoor education and her unwavering encouragement have left an enduring legacy of knowledge, enthusiasm, and an immeasurable love for the great outdoors. Her absence is profoundly felt by all who had the privilege of experiencing her instruction, leadership, and the zeal with which she lived her life dedicated to the outdoors and her community.

Jamie Cartwright

Jamie is a keen traveler, writer, and (English) teacher. A few years after finishing school in the East Mids, UK, he went traveling around South America and Asia. Several teaching and writing jobs, he found himself at The Thaiger where he mostly covers international news and events.