Monroe mourns Pastor Skipworth, sparks mental health dialogue

Pastor’s death opens vital conversations on mental health in Monroe

The community of Monroe, LA, is in mourning following the loss of a respected and cherished figure, Pastor John Skipworth, whose life and contributions have profoundly impacted those around him. The lead pastor at Oaks Church was known for his ability to inspire through his teachings and his dedication to caring for the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of his congregation.

It was with deep sorrow that the community learned of Pastor Skipworth’s death on January 30, 2024. The loss was magnified by the circumstances of his passing, as it was reported as suicide. This revelation has brought the conversation surrounding mental health, particularly within religious communities, to the forefront.

The news of his passing has resonated far beyond his immediate circle, affecting not only his family but also the wider community that looked up to him as a source of spiritual guidance. The somber message of his obituary highlighted his relentless efforts to create a sense of unity and his passion for assisting those in need.

The Skipworth family, with Brooke Skipworth at the helm, now faces the challenging journey of coping with this tragic event. In doing so, they have become vocal advocates for mental health awareness, emphasizing the significance of community support and the courage it takes to seek help.

The life of Pastor John Skipworth was marked by his unwavering commitment to service. As the lead pastor at Oaks Church, his influence went beyond the spiritual realm; he was also a fervent supporter of community betterment. His sermons were not only a source of spiritual enlightenment but also a call to action to address societal issues and champion inclusivity.

Despite his role as a guide and mentor, Pastor Skipworth’s own struggles highlight the complex realities faced by individuals, regardless of their position in life. His legacy now includes a push towards creating a safe space for discussions about mental health, encouraging a shift in perception and a dismantling of the stigma surrounding these issues in both religious settings and the broader society.

In the wake of Pastor Skipworth’s death, there is a collective effort to confront and challenge the misconceptions about mental health. The community is called upon to engage in candid conversations, offer support to one another, and acknowledge that seeking help is not a weakness but a profound strength.

His biography paints a picture of a man deeply committed to his faith and to the well-being of his community. Remembered as a beacon of hope and guidance, Pastor Skipworth’s approach to leadership was characterized by empathy and a deep understanding of the human condition. His passing has undoubtedly left a void, but his memory serves as a catalyst for positive change in the conversation around mental health and communal support.

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