Medical community mourns loss of paediatric healthcare pioneer Prof. Mokgokong

Healthcare sector grieves the passing of NMCH board member Mokgokong

The global medical community and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH) are mourning the loss of a distinguished figure, Prof. Sam Mokgokong. His passing is a profound loss, and the atmosphere within the healthcare sector is one of sorrow and remembrance for a man who significantly impacted paediatric health.

Prof. Sam Mokgokong, a stalwart in the field of medicine, was deeply committed to the well-being of children. He served on the board of the NMCH, where his contributions went far beyond his title. His efforts were instrumental in the hospital’s development and success. Prof. Mokgokong’s career was marked by a heartfelt dedication to enhancing the health services available to the younger generation. His absence leaves a void in the community that admired and respected him.

As a person who hailed from South Africa, Prof. Mokgokong’s journey in life was shaped by his upbringing in a family that held education and service to the community in high regard. Born on August 31, 1952, he pursued his academic ambitions with zeal and was celebrated for his dedication to learning. Upon completing his medical studies, Samuel embarked on a career path that saw him offering care that was as tender as it was healing. His proficiency, coupled with a passion for paediatric care, earned him the affection and respect of his peers.

Prof. Mokgokong’s contributions to the field of medicine were manifold, but it was his unwavering drive to advance paediatric healthcare that stood as his enduring legacy. He played a pivotal role in the enhancement of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) services at Tembisa Hospital. His commitment to healthcare administration and education led him to the University of Pretoria, where his leadership skills shone through as he nurtured and inspired the next generation of medical professionals.

His influence extended beyond academic settings, shaping the trajectory of South Africa’s healthcare system. A pivotal moment in his career came with his appointment to the NMCH Board of Directors in 2015, marking a new chapter in his life’s work. It was in these roles that Prof. Mokgokong’s vision and expertise were able to flourish, leaving an indelible imprint on the institution and on healthcare in the country.

Prof. Mochichi Samuel Martin Mokgokong’s life came to a close on January 25, 2024, at the age of 71. The news of his departure has generated a wave of searches online as individuals seek to know more about this remarkable man and the legacy he leaves behind. His death has not only touched the hearts of those within the NMCH but also resonated throughout the broader medical fraternity that regarded him as a beacon of paediatric healthcare advocacy.

Jamie Cartwright

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