Kelly Rizzo finds love again after Bob Saget’s passing

Rizzo's new chapter with Breckin Meyer honours Saget’s memory

In an emotionally poignant turning of the page, Kelly Rizzo has recently shared her experiences of moving forward with her life after the sorrowful demise of her spouse, Bob Saget. She touched upon the delicate balance of honouring her past with Saget while opening herself up to new possibilities of love. Rizzo candidly conveyed her belief that Saget would have supported her in finding joy once more.

At a philanthropic gathering in support of Janie’s Fund, an initiative by Steven Tyler aimed at aiding abuse victims, Rizzo and Breckin Meyer, known for his role in “Franklin & Bash,” marked a significant moment as they stepped out together, confirming their romantic involvement. The couple, Meyer at 49 and Rizzo at 44, was also spotted hand-in-hand at the 2024 Grammy Awards viewing party, confirming speculations of their burgeoning relationship.

The emergence of this relationship showcases a tale of finding love amidst the shadow of grief and is a testament to Rizzo’s resilience. It highlights her capacity to embrace future happiness while respectfully acknowledging the impact of Saget’s legacy.

Prior to unveiling their connection to the public eye, Rizzo took a heartfelt step by seeking the blessings of Saget’s daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer. The support and encouragement from Saget’s daughters played a crucial role in Rizzo’s journey towards healing and rediscovery. She expressed profound appreciation for their support, stating that their affirmation of what their father would have wished for her provided immense comfort and validation.

On the second year remembrance of Saget’s passing, Rizzo joined members of the “Full House” cast to honour his memory. She took to Instagram to express her enduring appreciation for the six years they shared, reflecting on the depth and significance of their time together.

Rizzo has been open about the complexities of navigating grief and the pursuit of happiness. She has discussed the natural yet conflicting feelings of guilt that can accompany moments of joy after experiencing loss. Rizzo has learned to understand these emotions as a normal part of the grieving process.

She has also spoken about the evolution of her readiness to date again, referencing the support of Saget’s daughters who humorously suggested that while “Heavenly Bob” would want her to be happy, “Earthly Bob” might have added a playful caveat of “not too happy.” Through her reflections, Rizzo continues to convey a sense of enduring gratitude for the love and experiences she and Saget shared.

The journey of Kelly Rizzo and Breckin Meyer thus unfolds as a narrative of love’s enduring spirit, weaving together the threads of loss, remembrance, and the courage to find happiness anew. Their story, while personal, resonates with universal themes of love, loss, and the enduring human capacity for recovery and joy.

Lilly Larkin

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