Kalliope Rice steps into acting alongside sister Angourie

Exploring the Rice sisters' journey in the entertainment industry

Kalliope Rice, a name that might not instantly resonate with the masses, is the sister of the acclaimed Australian actress Angourie Rice, famed for her appearances in Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Nice Guys. While Angourie has captured the spotlight with her notable performances, including her roles in the critically acclaimed Black Mirror and Mare of Easttown, Kalliope’s presence in the public eye is more subtle.

Kalliope, like her sister, is pursuing a career in the arts. Born in Perth, Australia, on the 16th of October, 2004, she marked her entry into the acting world in 2018. Her debut was alongside Angourie in “Ladies in Black,” where Kalliope played the younger version of a character that her sister would later embody. The Rice sisters’ bond transcends the screen, as evidenced by their affectionate exchanges on social media platforms, where they share snapshots of their life together.

Pushing their creative endeavours further, Angourie and Kalliope jointly manage a YouTube channel titled “Angourie and Kalliope.” This channel, which boasts over 20,000 subscribers, serves as a creative outlet where they share vlogs, challenges, and answer questions from their growing fanbase, thus showcasing their charismatic partnership.

Exploring the roots of the Rice family, we discover that creativity runs deep. Angourie’s parents, Jeremy and Kate Rice, both have professional ties to the film industry. Their paths converged while working together on a documentary in Africa. The coastal town of Angourie Point in New South Wales is where Angourie’s name stems from, linking her to her grandmother’s lineage on her mother’s side.

The cultural fabric of Angourie’s identity is rich and varied. She is the progeny of a British father and an Australian mother and is imbued with Irish ancestry from her mother’s side. With dual citizenship in Australia and the UK, Angourie personifies a cultural mosaic.

Her upbringing was one of movement and change, moving from Perth to Munich and finally settling in Melbourne for most of her life. Her education culminated at Princes Hill Secondary College, which she attended until her graduation in 2018. Presently, Angourie has made her home in Los Angeles, California, where she continues to forge her path in the epicentre of the movie industry.

The Rice sisters’ story is one of familial support and shared aspirations within the entertainment world. While Angourie may be the one with the burgeoning filmography, Kalliope is on her own journey, with her sister by her side. Together, they navigate the complexities of Hollywood, bound by a deep familial connection that extends beyond the bright lights and cameras.

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