Iowa agriculture champion Bill Northey passes away at 64

Agriculture community mourns the loss of advocate Bill Northey

In what could be described as a significant loss to the agricultural sector in the United States, Bill Northey, a key figure in both Iowa and national agriculture, has passed away. Northey, who had dedicated over a decade of his life serving as Iowa’s agriculture secretary from 2007 until 2018, passed away at the age of 64. The Agribusiness Association of Iowa, where he held the position of CEO, shared the news of his demise, stating that Northey was a relentless champion for the agriculture sector and a much-admired leader within the Association and beyond.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, acknowledging Northey’s immense contribution, ordered that flags be flown at half-staff until his interment. She expressed her condolences and emphasized the deep impact Northey had in advocating for the agriculture sector, both within Iowa and across the nation. Moreover, she praised his understanding of the importance of land stewardship.

The loss was further underscored by remarks from U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who had known Northey for many years. Vilsack saluted Northey as a lifelong advocate for the farming community, extending his sympathies to Northey’s family and reflecting on the void his absence would create in the sector.

Northey was renowned for his pioneering work in farming conservation, including his pivotal role in formulating the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. This initiative, aimed at curtailing fertilizer runoff from Iowa’s farms by 45%, was instrumental in tackling environmental issues such as the hypoxic “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico. Northey himself was one of the early adopters of cover crops in Iowa, illustrating his commitment to conservation practices. Sean McMahon, executive director of the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, highlighted Northey’s philosophy that conservation efforts should be voluntary but imperative.

During the avian influenza outbreak between 2014 and 2015, Northey’s leadership was pivotal. He worked in close collaboration with the USDA to steer Iowa through the crisis, which resulted in the loss of millions of birds, showcasing his crisis management capabilities.

Northey’s career post his tenure as Iowa’s agriculture secretary was just as impactful. He made history by assuming the role of the nation’s first undersecretary for farm production and conservation at the U.S. Department of Agriculture under then-Secretary Sonny Perdue. His unwavering dedication to agriculture earned him respect from colleagues and leaders, reinforcing his stature as a committed advocate for the sector.

The sudden departure of Bill Northey has left a palpable void in the agricultural community. His enduring legacy as a fervent supporter of farmers, a conservation innovator, and a crisis manager will live on. The agricultural sector grieves for a man whose life’s work significantly shaped Iowa’s agricultural practices and influenced national policy, ensuring that his contributions to rural America will not be forgotten.

Lilly Larkin

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