Huntington Station mourns the loss of beloved community figure Frank Scicchitano

Community pays tribute to Frank Scicchitano's enduring legacy and spirit

The community of Huntington Station has been enveloped in a sombre mood following the news of Frank Scicchitano’s departure. He passed away on January 27, 2024, leaving behind a legacy that resonated deeply with those who knew him. Born on June 3, 1956, Frank was not only a respected member of the 1973 LMHS Panther Football Team but a figure of relentless commitment and fervour within his community.

Frank Scicchitano’s life, as detailed in his obituary, paints a picture of a man whose influence transcended the football field. He was a mentor, a role model, and a significant community contributor. His role in the offensive line for the LMHS Panther Football Team during the triumphant 1973 championship season exemplified his passion and sportsmanship. Frank’s influence was profound, leaving a lasting impression on his teammates and the legacy of the LMHS Panthers.

While his prowess on the football field was remarkable, Frank was celebrated for his character and the positive impact he had on those around him. His death has left many in his family, friendship circles, and the broader community in mourning. The cause of his death has not been shared, respecting the privacy and grieving process of the Scicchitano family.

The obituary pays homage to Frank’s vital contribution to the 1973 championship victory and his exceptional character, which imbued the Huntington Station community with generosity and enthusiasm. As the community reflects on his life, they celebrate the energetic spirit he brought to every facet of life.

The Scicchitano family is experiencing an immense loss with Frank’s passing. Known for his unwavering dedication and sportsmanship, Frank’s absence is profoundly felt not only in the community but most acutely within his family. He was a source of strength and inspiration, and his influence reached into the lives of his children and grandchildren, leaving indelible memories.

The family, including his grandchildren Gary, John, Brendan, Matt, and Joe, now face the reality of moving forward without Frank’s physical presence. As they navigate this difficult time, they carry with them the values and lessons imparted by a man who was much more than a football player; he was a cherished member of his family and a pillar within his community.

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