Gregg Wallace: TV chef’s family life and entrepreneurial journey

Inside Gregg Wallace's personal life and family endeavours

Gregg Wallace, a household name in British broadcasting, is recognized for his prominent role as the co-presenter of the MasterChef series on the BBC alongside John Torode. His expertise has not only been confined to television; Wallace has penned numerous cookbooks and has been at the helm of several food-centric programmes on both television and radio. Despite his public persona, much of his personal life remains intriguing to his fans, including the details about his family and siblings.

With his birth date recorded as 17 October 1964, the Peckham-born media personality grew up with two brothers by his side. His family includes his full brother Adam Press and his half-brother, known in the music circles as Biff, born of his father’s second marriage. The brothers, during their formative years, were instrumental in supporting Gregg’s early entrepreneurial efforts in the vegetable trade.

Biff, whose real name is Biffo Wallace, has carved out a name for himself in the music industry. As the frontman of the rock band Feeder, which came into existence in 1994, he has seen the group flourish with 11 studio albums and a string of popular singles like “Buck Rogers” and “Just a Day.” Biff’s talents have also seen him collaborate with notable artists across various genres, including DJ Fresh and Ellie Goulding.

Adam Press, on the other hand, has ventured into the business realm, heading the Pressco Group. His company is a known entity in the hospitality sector, providing catering equipment and services. Additionally, Adam has interests in property development and is settled in Kent with his family.

Delving deeper into the family tree of Gregg Wallace, one finds a series of personal milestones marked by both triumphs and tribulations. His life story includes four marriages and fatherhood to three children from distinct relationships. His first marriage was a brief union with Christine Wallace in 1991. The subsequent marriage to Denise Wallace in 1999 resulted in the birth of two children, Tom and Libby Wallace, before the couple parted ways in 2004. While Tom has pursued a career in bartending, Libby has dedicated herself to dance teaching.

A third marriage to Heidi Wallace in 2011, which began with a connection made on Twitter, ended the following year amidst acrimonious allegations from both parties. The fourth marriage to Anne-Marie Sterpini, which also commenced from an interaction on Twitter, has endured despite a significant age difference. Together, they welcomed Sid Massimo Wallace in 2019, adding to Gregg’s fatherhood experiences.

Wallace also has a son named George from a previous relationship with Cara Franco. George resides with his mother in Gloucestershire. The lineage of Gregg Wallace also includes his late parents, Allan Wallace and Margaret Wallace. Allan, a former postman, passed away due to a heart attack when Gregg was 25, while Margaret succumbed to pneumonia when he was just eight years old. Following the loss of his mother, Gregg spent a portion of his childhood under the care of his grandmother Ethel Smith before rejoining his father and stepmother, Pauline Wallace, who had two children from a previous marriage, Biffo and Sue Wallace.

The life of Gregg Wallace, thus, presents a tapestry of personal and professional engagements, underscored by a rich family background and an array of experiences that have shaped his journey. His story continues to unfold, both in the public eye and in the intimacy of his family life.

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