Florida woman on trial for allegedly killing boyfriend in a suitcase

Trial for alleged suitcase murder to commence, defence to argue domestic abuse

Sarah Boone is currently under scrutiny for the alleged murder of her partner, Jorge Torres Jr., in a horrific fashion. Boone, a resident of Winter Park, Florida, was arrested on February 24, 2020, when Torres was discovered dead in a suitcase at their shared residence. It was reported that he suffocated after Boone had zipped him inside. Facing charges of second-degree murder, Boone is currently detained without bail in Orange County jail. She has written letters asserting she believes her case has been misrepresented.

Boone is due to stand trial on January 29, 2024. It is anticipated that her defence will argue that she should not be found guilty due to her being a victim of domestic abuse.

As for her relationship status, no official sources confirm that Sarah Boone was married. The man she is accused of killing, Jorge Torres, was her boyfriend. Prior to his death, Torres had been arrested on several instances due to allegations of domestic violence towards Boone. A domestic dispute in July 2018 resulted in Boone’s arrest for strangulation, yet her charges were dismissed subsequently. Boone was known to bail Torres out of jail following each of his arrests for alleged assault against her.

Boone’s trial for the alleged murder of Torres, purportedly committed during a game of “hide-and-seek” in 2020, is now due to commence on Monday, January 29th.

The trial has experienced numerous delays over nearly four years, during which several public defenders have submitted applications to discontinue their representation of Boone.

Information about Sarah Boone’s familial background and early life remains largely undisclosed. However, in 2023, Torres’s family broke their silence of over two years to share their views on both Torres and Boone. Blanca, Torres’s mother, shared fond memories of her son, who, despite his flaws, was a cherished member of their family and community. His life was tragically cut short, causing great grief among his loved ones.

Blanca also expressed sympathy towards Boone, not showing hatred for her alleged actions but expressing a profound sense of sorrow instead.

Public information on Sarah Boone’s life before the alleged murder of her boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr., is sparse. Her past remains largely a mystery, and the authorities have not disclosed any details about her upbringing, family ties, education, or other significant life events.

Boone has, however, gained notoriety due to the gruesome way in which she allegedly killed Torres. Police reports indicate that she zipped Torres into a suitcase during a lethal game of hide-and-seek and made no effort to rescue him as he suffocated. Boone initially tried to misrepresent the incident as a suicide, but investigators concluded she was directly responsible for his death.

Boone’s case is notable for the brutal way in which Torres met his end and her initial attempt to evade responsibility by portraying it as a suicide. If found guilty, Boone will be remembered as the woman who attempted to mask her heinous actions by fabricating her boyfriend’s tragic death.

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