Dubai journalist wins Kurt Schork Award for reportage on South Sudan

Award-winning journalism shines light on South Sudan conflict

Dubai-based journalist Simona Foltyn has been honoured with the prestigious Kurt Schork Memorial Award in recognition of her tenacious and compelling reportage on the conflict-ridden landscapes of South Sudan. Foltyn’s work, which spans a range of pressing issues including armed conflicts, social justice, and governmental corruption, reflects a deep commitment to uncovering the truth in some of East Africa and the Middle East’s most tumultuous regions.

Foltyn’s extensive coverage of the South Sudanese civil war from 2014 to 2017 is a testament to her unwavering dedication. Her journalistic forays have not been limited to South Sudan, as her assignments have taken her across Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and more recently, Iraq, since 2017. Her diverse portfolio includes pieces that have graced the pages and screens of Bloomberg, Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera English, France 24, and PBS NewsHour, showcasing her versatility as a multimedia journalist. Notably, Foltyn’s skill set is comprehensive; she is adept at shooting, editing, and producing her video content single-handedly.

In her collaborations with Type Investigations and the Pulitzer Centre, Foltyn has demonstrated an impressive range of journalistic skills. Moreover, her educational background is equally robust, holding a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from Georgia State University and a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University. This academic foundation has been further strengthened by her proficiency in six languages, including Slovak, German, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, allowing her to navigate complex multicultural environments with ease.

Before embarking on her journalism career, Foltyn gained valuable experience working with the United Nations in Sudan and South Sudan and later with the Boston Consulting Group in the Gulf region. Despite her accomplishments and public persona, Foltyn has chosen to keep her personal life, particularly regarding relationships, out of the public eye. This discretion may stem from the sensitive nature of her work in conflict zones where maintaining privacy is often a necessity for safety.

Her Instagram profile reveals a lighter side to the journalist, depicting her as a devoted pet parent to Casper, her German Shepherd. While Foltyn may be reticent about her private life, she openly shares her affection for her pet, a commonality that resonates with many and is less likely to compromise her security.

Financially, Foltyn’s career has proved to be rewarding. With an estimated net worth between $500,000 and $1 million, she surpasses the average salary for journalists in the United States, which stands at $42,208 annually. However, given her base in Baghdad, Iraq, where the average journalist’s salary is approximately 34,066,991 Iraqi dinars (around $23,000 USD), Foltyn’s compensation as an experienced foreign correspondent is expected to be much higher due to her international assignments and the risks involved in her line of work.

As Foltyn’s reputation for fearless and insightful journalism continues to grow, her financial prospects and demand for her work are expected to increase in tandem. Her ability to navigate and report from some of the world’s most dangerous regions is unlikely to go unnoticed, promising a bright future for this distinguished journalist.

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