Dairy farmer Derrick Josi shares poignant tribute to late brother

Social media unites in support as dairy influencer mourns brother

The agricultural community and supporters of Derrick Josi, a well-regarded dairy farmer and social media influencer, have been touched by a recent personal revelation. Derrick is known for his involvement with Wilsonview Dairy in Tillamook, Oregon, where he represents the fourth generation of his family’s commitment to farming. Alongside this, he maintains an active online presence as TDF Honest Farming, offering insights into the realities of farming life through Instagram and Facebook.

Within the heartfelt posts shared by Derrick, the loss of his brother has been publicly acknowledged. A poignant Instagram post paid tribute to his brother’s memory on what would have been his first birthday since passing away. The cause of death has not been shared with the public, which adds a layer of privacy to the family’s mourning. The tribute illustrated the depth of Derrick’s loss and his ongoing connection to his brother, whose life continues to have a profound impact on the Josi family.

The response from Derrick’s audience was one of immense support, with many expressing their condolences and offering words of comfort. This exchange underscores the strength of the online and farming communities, where shared experiences of loss and remembrance create strong bonds of empathy and solidarity.

The family’s legacy continues with Derrick’s parents, Don and Desi Josi, who have been instrumental in the development of Wilsonview Dairy. Don, having studied at Oregon State University, returned to the farm and took on a co-ownership role. Their decision-making and commitment to quality breeding practices, including the acquisition of the influential bull “Merrit,” have been pivotal in establishing their herd’s national reputation for genetic excellence.

Desi’s contributions, both in the calf program and farm accounting, have been equally significant. Her work has helped the farm gain recognition, including the Master Breeder Award from the American Jersey Cattle Association in 2020, a testament to the couple’s dedication to excellence in dairy farming.

The interplay of roles within the Josi family demonstrates the diverse expertise required to manage a successful dairy operation. Don’s focus on breeding, Desi’s care for the calves and financial management, and Derrick’s involvement in custom nutrition and feeding all contribute to the farm’s sustainability and the continuation of their family’s farming tradition.

Derrick’s personal life also reflects the family’s farming ethos, with his wife, Kaycee Josi, playing a significant role in both family and farm. Coming from a background in quarter horses, Kaycee supports the farm’s operations in accounting and logistics while also raising their children, fostering the next generation’s connection to the land and farming.

Kaycee’s contributions, coupled with Derrick’s, were recognized with the 2020 Young Jersey Breeder Award, highlighting their influence in modern dairy farming and their commitment to the Jersey breed. Together, they are focused on nurturing their children to appreciate the values and traditions of their heritage, ensuring the longevity of their family’s farming legacy.

In addition to the family’s personal achievements, Derrick’s recent posts serve as a reminder of the shared human experiences that bind communities together, even in times of loss and remembrance.

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