Community mourns as student’s body found in tragic twist

Investigation intensifies after student found dead in abandoned vehicle

The Elizabeth City State University community has been engulfed by a profound sense of loss following the tragic discovery of one of their own, Amarriah Smith. This vibrant sophomore, who was pursuing a degree in elementary education, had her life cut short under harrowing circumstances. The subsequent investigation has unravelled a harrowing sequence of events leading up to the recovery of her body from the trunk of an abandoned vehicle. This article delves into the details of this distressing case, revealing the efforts to uncover the truth behind Smith’s disappearance.

The unsettling silence that followed Amarriah Smith’s disappearance from Elizabeth City was broken by the grim discovery of her body. The State Bureau of Investigations spearheaded the inquiry into this perplexing case, unearthing a narrative that culminated in a macabre twist. In an abandoned car parked at a Beaufort County establishment, the tow truck driver, unaware of the vehicle’s grim contents, made the horrifying discovery upon delivery to their premises. The sequence of events pieced together by the SBI has shed light on this grim episode, and as this article unfolds, it aims to convey the full scope of these findings.

As the community grapples with the reality of Smith’s demise, the focus of the investigation has shifted to 29-year-old Jordan Thomas, who stands accused of her murder. The SBI’s meticulous investigation points to the possibility that Thomas abandoned his car in the Tyco parking lot before fleeing the scene in a different vehicle—a truck that was also found parked there. This suggests that the tragic act may have occurred elsewhere, adding layers of complexity to the case. Further inquiry led to an Edenton residence where Thomas was residing, uncovering evidence that intimates a connection between the accused and the victim. The investigation continues to unravel the threads of this case, and as more details emerge, they will be meticulously reported to the public.

It is with heavy hearts that we report on the loss of Amarriah Smith, a young woman whose potential and aspirations were tragically snuffed out. The community, bound by shared grief and a quest for justice, now seeks answers and closure. As this case unfolds, we remain committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the ongoing investigation, ensuring that our readers are kept informed with the utmost respect for the sensitivities involved in such a grave matter.

Jamie Cartwright

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