Arsenal’s Martinelli hails family’s role in his rising football career

Martinelli's family bond: The cornerstone of his football ascent

Gabriel Martinelli has emerged as one of football’s most exciting prospects, showcasing his skills as a forward or left wing for both Arsenal in the Premier League and the Brazil national team. His accomplishments are noteworthy, including an FA Cup victory, an Olympic Gold medal, and participation in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Yet, beyond the pitch, Martinelli’s family life and relationships, particularly with his siblings and parents, paint a picture of the support system that has helped shape his career.

The Arsenal prodigy is not the only football talent in his family. His brother, Vinicius Teodoro, is also immersed in the sport, playing for São Caetano in Brazil’s third division. Although they operate at different tiers of professional football, Vinicius is an ardent supporter of his younger sibling, often sharing words of encouragement through social media platforms.

The brothers’ bond was forged in their hometown of Guarulhos, where they honed their skills in football by playing in their backyard and in local neighbourhood spaces. This bond continued to strengthen during their formative years at Corinthians, where they both began in the futsal team. Vinicius was instrumental in Gabriel’s shift from futsal to football, recognizing and nurturing his sibling’s innate talent.

Vinicius has even made the journey to London to witness Gabriel’s talent on display at Arsenal’s home ground, the Emirates Stadium, a testament to their close-knit relationship. This familial connection extends to Gabriel’s parents, João and Silva Martinelli, who have provided unwavering support throughout his journey.

The Martinelli family boasts Italian heritage, with Gabriel’s paternal grandfather originating from Italy and settling in Brazil during his youth, and his maternal grandmother also having Italian lineage. This background has granted Gabriel an Italian passport, facilitating his move to England to join Arsenal.

Upon Gabriel’s signing with Arsenal in 2019, his parents relocated to London to provide him with emotional support as he navigated the challenges of acclimating to a new environment and culture. The Martinelli family was not affluent; João worked as a taxi driver and Silva managed the household. They encouraged Gabriel’s football pursuits while ensuring he remained grounded in his education.

Their sacrifices included facilitating Gabriel’s training opportunities with prominent clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona. Now residing near Arsenal’s training facility, João and Silva continue to play a pivotal role in their son’s life, helping to shield him from the pressures and distractions of professional sport.

Gabriel Martinelli’s gratitude towards his parents is palpable. He often expresses his deep appreciation, dedicating his on-field successes to them. They remain his greatest source of inspiration, a testament to the power of family in nurturing and sustaining the dreams of one of football’s emerging stars.

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