Action News 5 mourns loss of digital pioneer Amanda Hanson at 38

Digital innovation leader Amanda Hanson remembered after sudden loss

Action News 5 has been struck by profound grief following the untimely demise of Amanda Hanson, a figure renowned for her dynamic leadership in digital innovation. The Action News 5 team, where Amanda was a cherished member, is coming to terms with her absence. Her tenure began in 2021, and she swiftly became the linchpin of the digital news coverage, infusing the department with her ceaseless vitality and originality.

Amanda Hanson’s career in journalism was marked by her readiness to adapt to different roles, including presenting live updates on camera. Her colleagues will remember her for the effervescence she brought to the newsroom and her unwavering commitment to enhancing the team’s digital footprint. In her capacity as a pivotal member of the management group, Amanda’s expertise in digital domains, notably social media strategy, was invaluable.

The world of journalism mourns the loss of Amanda Hanson, who passed away at 38. Prior to joining Action News 5, Amanda had been a respected journalist at KAIT Channel 8 from 2010 until 2021, aside from a brief interlude in 2015. Tragically, she encountered a severe medical incident earlier in the week due to undisclosed health issues. Despite exhaustive medical interventions, Amanda did not survive, ending her vibrant life amidst her family and close friends, who are now enveloped in mourning.

The Hanson family has not disclosed specific details about the medical crisis or the precise cause of Amanda’s passing. The loss of their dear one has left a void that words cannot fill. Amanda’s indelible imprint on the world of journalism, coupled with the profound impact she had on the lives she encountered, will continue to be celebrated. Her passing has left her community in a state of shock and sorrow, but many have found solace in sharing their warm anecdotes and expressing their condolences, all of which underscore Amanda’s unique and vivacious character.

Amanda’s journey through life was marked by passion and kindness, traits that resonated with everyone she came into contact with. Her infectious smile and uplifting presence have left an enduring mark on those who were fortunate to cross her path. The sense of loss is palpable not only among her loved ones but across the wider region. Yet, the inspiration drawn from Amanda’s life will persist as a testament to living each moment to its fullest.

Born in 1986, Amanda would have celebrated her 38th birthday this year. Her academic achievements included a master’s degree in strategic communications, which she obtained in 2020, and her learnings were always generously imparted to her colleagues. Amanda’s beginnings in journalism trace back to Cape Girardeau in 2015, where she first anchored the news. Her ambition led her back to her roots at Action News 5 in Memphis, where she continued to excel in her career.

Amanda’s presence on social media was not only professional but also spirited, as evidenced by the “Dance Party” videos she shared with her colleagues on Good Morning Region 8, earning her the affectionate nickname “Dancin’ Hanson.” Her warmth extended beyond her professional life, making her a cherished companion to many at the station. Amanda’s marriage to Darren was a highlight of her personal life, with their shared moments of joy, such as dancing in their newly renovated kitchen, being a testament to their happiness. Her humorous accounts of home renovations brought laughter to many.

Amanda Hanson’s legacy is not just limited to her contributions to journalism but also encompasses the joy and kindness she shared, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those she touched.

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